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  • Atlantean Dodgeball
    Atlantean Dodgeball - ratios and differences
  • Bad Date
    Bad Date - ratios
  • Number Rights
    Number Rights - fractions and decimals on number line
  • Overruled!
    Overruled! - measurement and proportions
  • Ratey the Math Cat
    Ratey the Math Cat - unit rates
  • Scale Ella
    Scale Ella - scale factor
  • Go Go Gopher
    Game Over Gopher Game - coordinate pairs
  • Monster School Bus
    Monster School Bus - base ten, decimals and operations
  • Pearl Diver
    Pearl Diver - fractions and decimals on number line
  • Ratio Rumble
    Ratio Rumble - ratios
  • Gate
    Gate - Building numbers and place value
Online Games
  • Ratio Rumble
    Ratio Rumble - Create potions. Learn Ratios.
  • Video player
    Math Snacks Video Player - iOS App includes all Math Snacks animations and learner guides.
  • Pearl Diver
    Pearl Diver - fractions and decimals on number line
iOS Apps
About Math Snacks

Math Snacks are short animations and mini-games designed to present mathematics in a very different way. In fact, we hope these snacks don't look like traditional math at all. Math Snacks give students, especially those who don't particularly like math, another way to look at math concepts.

Math Snacks principles relate to the core mathematics concepts that students should know and be able to do in grades 6, 7 and 8. The availability of Snacks on the Internet, iPhone and iPad, makes it possible for students to enjoy the games and animations during non-school time as well as in class. Students can work with the snacks on their way to and from school, and at home or in libraries or after-school centers. The accompanying print materials can assist learners in applying their conceptual understanding to additional math activities and problems.

Math Snacks reflect research on gaps in mathematics understanding. Educational researchers compiled data on what students don't currently understand and the concepts that teachers have a difficult time conveying to their students. Math Snacks researchers observed and worked in classrooms to learn the problems students were having with math. The Math Snacks team also includes experts in the area of games, animations and learning. Using the Dual Immersion Design Process created at NMSU Learning Games Lab, team mathematicians, math educators, researchers and game developers work collaboratively to provide access to powerful learning tools. Most developer resources are available to our team, which include our learning objectives and other working documents.

Math Snacks materials are pilot tested throughout development. Beginning in the fall of 2012, Math Snacks materials will be evaluated using random trials in school and after-school settings. By 2014, the Math Snacks suite will include 20 different animations and games, and all learner tools will be translated into Spanish.

Math Snacks development, outreach and research is currently funded by a K-12 Discovery Learning grant from the National Science Foundation led by Dr. Karin Wiburg (Barbara Chamberlin and Ted Stanford are co-PIs). Initial animations and games were originally funded as part of a larger national project from the U.S. Department of Education, led by Tim Best (the Ohio State University) and Sheila Cassidy (Wexford Consulting), with Dr. Wiburg and Dr. Chamberlin as Co-PIs.

Project PI and Lead Researcher:
Dr. Karin Wiburg
Associate Dean for Research
College of Education
New Mexico State University, MS-3R

Co-PI and Director of Math Snacks development:
Dr. Barbara Chamberlin
Associate Professor and Director NMSU Learning Games Lab
New Mexico State University, 3AI

Math Content Specialist:
Dr. Ted Stanford
Associate Professor
New Mexico State University, SH249