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  • Atlantean Dodgeball
    Atlantean Dodgeball - ratios and differences
  • Bad Date
    Bad Date - ratios
  • Number Rights
    Number Rights - fractions and decimals on number line
  • Overruled!
    Overruled! - measurement and proportions
  • Ratey the Math Cat
    Ratey the Math Cat - unit rates
  • Scale Ella
    Scale Ella - scale factor
  • Go Go Gopher
    Game Over Gopher Game - coordinate pairs
  • Monster School Bus
    Monster School Bus - base ten, decimals and operations
  • Pearl Diver
    Pearl Diver - fractions and decimals on number line
  • Ratio Rumble
    Ratio Rumble - ratios
  • Gate
    Gate - Building numbers and place value
Online Games
  • Ratio Rumble
    Ratio Rumble - Create potions. Learn Ratios.
  • Video player
    Math Snacks Video Player - iOS App includes all Math Snacks animations and learner guides.
  • Pearl Diver
    Pearl Diver - fractions and decimals on number line
iOS Apps
Teaching with Math Snacks

Each of the six Math Snacks animations has a teacher and learner guides, as well as a video of a model lesson showing a teacher using all of the materials. The four Math Snacks games also have teacher guides. All Math Snacks products are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) and address the CCSSM Mathematical Practices when used as recommended.

Math Snacks materials address critical content including number sense, ratio, proportion, measurement, scale factor, and pre-algebra. Some Math Snacks address more than one content area and can be used in a variety of lessons at different grade levels. Please use the table below to decide which Math Snacks are most appropriate for your needs.

  Number & Operations Ratio & Proportion Measurement & Scale Pre-Algebra (Patterns, Tables & Graphs)

Teaching with Atlantean Dodgeball
Atlantean Dodgeball

What is the difference between part-to-part and part-to-whole relationships? How do ratios compare with fractions? Explore ratios, part-to-part, and part-to-whole relationships through the eyes of sportscasters in ancient Atlantis as two teams play dodgeball.

Teaching with Bad Date
Atlantean Dodgeball

What is a ratio and what does it mean to have a 1-to-1 ratio? Figure out what a ratio is by witnessing three hilarious dates with different outcomes.

Teaching with Number Rights
Atlantean Dodgeball

What kinds of numbers belong on a number line? Where do decimals and fractions go and do they REALLY belong? Find out, as ¼ fights a battle for equal rights for all numbers, and explore what a number line really is!

Teaching with Overruled!
Bad Date

What happens when two measurement systems don’t quite match up, and how can proportional reasoning be used to fix the problem using relationships, tables and graphs? Help the king and queen as they prepare for their wedding, but first you have to figure out how to convert from one measurement system to another.

Teaching with Ratey the Math Cat
Bad Date

What is a unit rate, and how can one be used to create tables, graphs and equations? Follow Ratey the Math Cat as he points out all kinds of rates to people in his neighborhood.

Teaching with Scale Ella
Bad Date

What is a scale factor, and how can it be used to make things bigger or smaller? Scale Ella is a superhero who uses her scaling powers to fight the evil effects of Scaleo, the villain. But does she really make things better? You decide!

Teaching with Game Over Gopher
Bad Date

Help save the planet (and your garden) from a Gopher invasion. Using the coordinate plane and plotting points, you will save the planet using different weapons and strategies. You might even find some buried treasure.

Teaching with Gate
Bad Date

Long ago, the light was turned into a dark spirit. Can you free the light with your knowledge of place value? Use precision and strategy to release the shadows in each level by finding different ways to build large and small numbers. Don’t let the shadows get you!

Teaching with Monster School Bus
Bad Date

In how many different ways can you combine numbers to add up to 10? What about combining decimals to add up to 1? You are the bus driver and you decide whom to pick up when. Get as many FULL LOADS as you can while you earn prizes and watch the buildings transform all around you!

Teaching with Pearl Diver: A number line math game
Bad Date

Find the pearls on these number lines, and avoid the electric eels and the boot. It starts out easy, but watch out, you might just learn something about number lines that you never knew before. Aim for a high score, and remember, every number has a place on the number line.

Teaching with Ratio Rumble
Bad Date

You are in a battle for health, and building equivalent ratios is the way to get the job done. Are you up to the challenge? Use this game to find patterns while being creative. Challenge yourself to build as many equivalent ratios you can find.