Teaching With Math Snacks

Welcome Teachers!

Math Snacks isn't a curriculum, but a series of activities you can use with the curriculum you are already using in grades 4-8. Math Snacks materials address critical content including number sense, ratio, proportion, measurement, scale factor, and pre-algebra. Some Math Snacks address more than one content area and can be used in a variety of lessons at different grade levels. Don't think of the animations and games as "free time activities." Each of these have been designed to be used as part of your instruction. All Math Snacks products are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) and address the CCSSM Mathematical Practices when used as recommended.

Here, you'll find several resources to help you use Math Snacks. Each animation and game has a printable Teaching With guide that helps you use the snack and offers discussion questions, vocabulary, and companion activities. Each animation also has a printable Learner's Guide your students can use to apply their concept to problem solving. Kids, especially English Language Learners, also enjoy the printable Comic Book Transcripts for each animation.

To use each snack, start with the short Teaching With Video for each snack. You'll see teachers using the animation and games in the classroom and pick up great strategies you can use immediately. You can also select a snack based on the content it addresses. Each game has a Gameplay video that will help you understand how the game progresses, even if you don't have time to play it all the way through.

Each Teaching With resource is available on the page for each snack, and is included below.

Number & Operations Ratio & Proportion Measurement & Scale Pre-Algebra (Patterns, Tables & Graphs)
Atlantean Dodgeball X
Bad Date X
Number Rights X
Overruled! X X
Ratey X
Scale Ella X
Game Over Gopher X X
Monster School Bus X
Pearl Diver X
Ratio Rumble X
Gate X