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Shadows are corrupting the land. Restore the balance of nature using number operations and place value. Gate addresses Common Core standards and guides students in lowering intimidation about large numbers and decimals and realizing that the same mathematical concepts that apply to the "easy" integers apply to every order of magnitude.

"Best of Show" at the 2014 International Serious Play Conference.

Gate Overview

Gate screenshot

To start the game, the player must click on "Level 1," which is the small lit-up sphere with the "1" in it. When the player completes Level 1, the sphere for Level 2 will light up, and so on.

Gate screenshot of pearl collection

After completing all the levels in Gate, the player can go back and choose from any of the 16 levels to play again.

Gate screenshot

In Gate, the player builds numbers using keystrokes, Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D, F, G, which increase or decrease the value of n at each place value (ones, tens, hundreds, tenths, and hundredths).

Gate screenshot

The last level of Gate is level 16, after completion of this level the game will be over and the player will have freed the spirits.

Gate screenshot

In Gate, players (with use of keyboard) will put together the correct number representing each monster in order to destroy that monster. In this case the number is 249.