Accessibility Statement

Accessibility for educational games is a work in progress across the industry. We continually seek solutions to make our products fully accessible, and we strive to adhere to established standards for accessibility and usability on each new project. Some of our older products may not be accessible in all areas and have not been optimized for current accessibility recommendations. Here, we offer the content and approach of this game, so that learners are better able to find alternative content and ways of learning.

Content of the game

Gate helps players grow their understanding of place value and number operations through paying close attention to the placement of decimal points. Since each enemy has a limited number of hit points, the player is challenged to equal the number of hit points from the attacking enemy before the enemy can reach them.


Gameplay is controlled by keystrokes (i.e. keyboards are used to input numbers and weapon firing initiators), which works well for players who have better manual dexterity with keyboards than with a mouse.

Gate is heavily reliant upon precision, button mashing, and timing. Therefore, players with fine motor skill disabilities may have a difficult time completing the advanced levels of game.


This game can be played with only the keyboard. It requires some button mashing and precision. Since such a high demand is placed upon eye–hand coordination, Gate includes a practice mode that allows players to practice their eye–hand coordination while familiarizing themselves with the game’s controller scheme. Gate may not be accessible to players with visual impairments. Additionally, Gate does not provide the option to remap buttons to different keys or to a video game console controller. Therefore, the player must use the Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D, F, and G keys on the keyboard to play the game. Some key elements of the game are identified by red and green colors; however, colorblind options are available. Subtitles are letterboxed and easy to read, however, the font color, type, and size cannot be adjusted. The game menu is easy to see, read, and use. The subtitles identify the speaker, and audio cues are accompanied by visual cues. Ambient noise is used; however, the game can be completed without sound. It includes sandbox areas for players to hone and test skills. This game is only playable on platforms that support Adobe Flash, which may no longer be supported by browsers beginning in 2020. It is not supported by mobile devices. Gate is accessible in both English and Spanish.